Sanket Shah

Date of surgery:  13-06-2015 
Weight : Pre surgery : 148.5kg.  Post surgery: 97kg. 

Being obese makes your lifestyle restricted to numerous things. Be it Outdoor or indoor gathering, you always have second thought for any activity. Same goes for training / gyming/ yoga as it is restricted to limited amount of loss of weight.Being in 30's, I found this as and ideal age to have a healthy lifestyle ahead in order to avoid any complications of being obese. The transition post surgery was tremendous.You feel active, energy level rises and most importantly you can look fit and fine. The word surgery is just a myth. I believe it is a transformation for a better tomorrow.The more you think, the more time you lose. Thanks to the entire team of Dr. Singhi & Snigdha,Bariatric Nutritionist for the guidance, consultation and giving the trust we needed. -- Sanket Shah

Grishma Kadam

Date of surgery:  13-06-2012 
Weight : Pre surgery : 153.5kg.  Post surgery: 71.2kg. 
Measurements: Waist - 43" , Hips -47" , Abdomen -50” 
Measurements: Waist - 29.5" , Hips -40" , Abdomen -33.5” 

My name is Grishma kadam; I want to thank Dr.Naresh Singhi and Nutritionist Snigdha shah for their kindners, and excellent care and support. This bariatric surgery has increased my self confidence had a second pregnancy after two years of my bariatric surgery I delivered a healthy baby with no complications. -- Grishma Kadam

Sudhir Gupta

Date of surgery:  20-04-2012 
Weight : Pre surgery : 155kg.  Post surgery: 88kg. 
Measurements: Waist - 53" , Hips -61" , Abdomen -65” 
Measurements: Waist - 34" , Hips -39" , Abdomen -39” 

After this life saving surgery, my un-controlled diabetes has disappeared and I am completely of medicines & Insulin for diabetes. Thanks to Dr. Naresh Singhi for the wonderful life. I am experiencing since last 3 years. -- Sudhir Gupta

Austin Noronha

Date of surgery:  02-11-2009 
Weight : Pre surgery : 120kg.  Post surgery: 82kg. 
Measurements: Waist - 54" , Hips -47" 
Measurements: Waist - 39" , Hips -40" 

My diabetes and hypertension has been cured completely am very happy to live a healthy life. A million thanks to Dr.Naresh Singhi and the entire staff of Apollo obesity center I also appreciate the help I received from Dr.Snigdha shah, my bariatric nutritionist regarding my diet. -- Austin Noronha

Dilip Shinde

Date of surgery:  13-06-2012 
Weight : Pre surgery : 135kg.  Post surgery: 94kg. 

I must say the greatest thing that has happened to me in the year is that I am no longer on any medications. Before surgery I had DM/HTN. Today I am healthier than I have ever been. My decision to have this surgery was to resolve all of these issues and I am happy to say that it has worked for me. -- Dilip Shinde